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G(irls) 20 Summit Delegates

G(irls)20 mobilizes girls and young women for impact locally, nationally and internationally. Designed according to G20 Architecture, G(irls)20 brings together one delegate from each G20 country, plus a representative from the European & African Unions, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the MENA region, to debate and design solutions that will economically advance girls and women around the world. We place a premium on working together with the private sector, governments social profit organizations, academia and media.

The next Summit will be held in Australia (August 25 & 26, 2014). 

G(irls)20is a non partisan, registered charity in Canada. Registration # 831021506RR0001.

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The New Generation of Girls Prioritizing Technology & Engineering 

Indonesian Delegate featured in Aktiflab – G(irls) 20 Summit, Women’s Voices for the G20 Leaders

Global TV features Morgane Richer La Fleche

World Pulse & G(irls)20 Make Waves around the globe

Invest in Girls to Catalyse Global Development (The Guardian)

Voice of Russia Radio Interview with Gulnara Lastovetsky (Google), Ellina Nurmukhametova (Russian Delegate), Linda Ma (Australian Delegate) and Farah Mohamed (Girls20 Summit)

SwiggTalk profiles the 2013 Delegates

Prime Time Russia spotlights G(irls)20 Summit (scan to 35:30)

June 2013 - В Москве открылся саммит девушек стран «Большой двадцатки» – «Girls20»

June 2013 - Девушки из G20 приехали в Москву

June 2013 - В Москве стартует саммит “женской двадцатки”

June 2013 - В июне 2013 года в Москве состоится Саммит девушек – представительниц стран Большой Двадцатки (Girls 20 Summit)

June 2013 - Ольга Голодец: Россияне стали чаще усыновлять детей

June 2013 - Голодец: равенство пытаются подменить отсутствием гендерных различий

June 2013 - Голодец: “Гендерное равенство пытаются подменить политикой отсутствия гендерных различий”

June 2013 - Международный саммит девушек стран Большой двадцатки G(irls)20 пройдет в Москве 17-18 июн

June 2013 - Важное место при обсуждении займут социальные аспекты развития современного общества

June 2013 - Международный саммит девушек стран “Большой двадцатки” G(irls)20 пройдет в Москве 17-18 июня

June 2013 – The Huffington Post – Empowering Women Through Fashion 

June 2013 – RT Question More Interview with Farah Mohamed 

June 2013 - В Москве стартует саммит “женской двадцатки”

June 2013 – Les Nouvelles News – G(irls)20 Summit: le G20 des jeunes femmes

June 2013 - The Press in York features Britain’s Elly Mawson

Globe & Mail Features G(irls)20 Summit

June 2013 – World Vision Blog features Luka Doring June 2013 – Elle Magazine - A G20 for girls 18 to 20 years

June 2013 – W Radio Mexico interviews Sofía Isadora Padilla Muñoz, 2013 Mexico delegate

June 2013 – Milenio (Mexico) interviews Sofía Isadora Padilla Muñoz, 2013 Mexico delegate

June 2013 – ISignori dell Mosche – interviews Isabella Rossi, 2013 Italy delgate 

June 2013 – Ufficio Stampa – Isabella Rossi, il ritorno del Girl Power

June 2013 – Corriere Della Sera - A Mosca il G20 delle ragazze:  investire sulle donne conviene

June 2013 – Canadian Delegate, Morgane Richer La Fleche on CJAD 800 Montreal

May 2013 – Education for All Children: The Secret to Changing The World on Forbes

May 2013 – Women of Influence Magazine, How Farah Mohamed, President & CEO of the G(irls)20 Summit, uses an entrepreneurial approach to making social media deliver

May 2013 – KickAction interviews Farah Mohamed, CEO of the G(irls)20 Summit

May 2013 – Corrieo de Semana (Brazil): Aluna do Palácio de Ciênias e Linguas Estrangeiras vai a Rússia para o G(irls)20 Summit

May 2013 – Regional (Brazil): Cearense irá à Rússia para encontro do G20

May 2013 – Be Your Own Change Agent: Next Gen Female Leaders

May 2013 – Swigg Talk interviews G(irls)20 Summit CEO, Farah Mohamed

May 2013 – What Happens When You Tap into the Potential of A Girl on Forbes

May 2013 – Why Educating Girls and Women Changes Everything on Forbes

April 2013 – Farah Mohamed on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Blog

April 2013 – The Two Most Important Words For Young Girls: Engineering and Technology on Forbes 

April 2013 - Farah Mohamed, President & CEO of the G(irls)20 Summit speaks out on what it takes to economically empower girls and women globally, and why it is important to invest in girls and women today

March 2013 – Farah Mohamed, President & CEO of the G(irls)20 Summit speaks at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario in Canada

March 13, 2013 – Farah Mohamed, Interview with Queen’s University’s Wild Card on CFRC Radio

March 8, 2013 – International Women’s Day – She-Lanthropy: Holly Branson (Huffington Post)

March 6, 2013 – G(irls)20 & Google Partner to Empower Girls & Women Globally

March 1, 2013 – Empowering girls through international action

February 25, 2013 – 2013 G(irls)20 Summit Delegates Revealed / Саммит девушек стран «Большой Двадцатки» (G20) 2013 Список участниц 


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